Timothy Oh Shan Ern

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Hi guys! I know it has been ages since I last blogged. Just some new updated information:
Currently Serving NS as a newly commissioned officer. 24 SA Recce Officer.
Will be busy training to fight FATEP for R&S Battery. (Evaluation)

My Goal:
Achieve Redcon 1 status for the battalion so that it can remain the title "Best combat support unit" for this coming year.
Built up my Social Circle and network, especially in my unit 24SA.
Build up my relationship with God (Most Impt!)

Currently happily attached with a very supportive girlfriend, Chong Wan Ni. (4 years and 4 months)

That's about it for now. Just happened to have alot of time during my duty so I decided to post something =P

Friday, October 21, 2005

YAY!! EXAMZ ARE FINALLY OVERZ!! :) Now Can Play Like Siao :P Now trying to master a piano music piece from FF7 : Advent Children.. one winged angel.. DAMN HARD Sia... would take a month like dat :/ lolz..Anyway recently I watched a movie called GOAL.. Itz cool..hahaz.. okok.. Now i too busy playing DOTA.. cant write anymore le.. hehz.. GL HF!! smilez!!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Happy CHILDRENZ day!!! HAHAZ!! :)

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Heyz!! Havent Post 4 quite some time le :P I finally achieved 100 laps in 50 mins!!YAY!!..Anywae Exams around the corner..GD LK TO EVERY1 taking the Examz!! Especially the pri 6s, O levels and A levelz grad. hehz.. Will write again after the exams :P.. Buaix.. sMILEz

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Watzup!! Omg..Todae last day of holiday..Sianz... SO much Homework.. Got like 3 Compo and 3 letter writing(Chinese).. Since the June hols..lolz.. anywae gonna CHIONG all by todae!! Hopefully.. HEHZ.. Haiz.. So long havent post.. Lets see..

Friday: Maths remedial.. Afterwards went out wif Nelson and Nic Ng to eat lunch..Then later followed Kai Xiang, Bryan, Shawn Wang, Joel, Xin Han, Jun Yuan, Elaine and Javier to Clement CC to play basketball.. 4v5 full court.. Then afterwards rest awhile then went to play racing car wif JY and Xin Han.. Kana chased out of the arcade shop once.. then we went by backdoor once.. then quickly sneaked in.. Xin han helped us by credit.. 1st game got 2nd place.. 2nd game oso got 2nd.. 3rd game got last.. :/ Hahaz.. Actually wanted to meet my Sjab friends at Ginza Plaza..Haiz..Due to time constrain.. Later gonna go to my Church's friend house..Justin for a B'dae party!! Party!! Jin Hao, Paul and KX oso went to0.. we played Volleyball MOSTLY!! then I went up to Justin's house to try out his new drums.. TOTALLY RAWKZ!! hahaz.. Trying out ONE WAY!! hehz..I Oso tried his Guitar.. Wah.. Only remembered a few chords only.. Anywae..thats all for friday.. :P

Saturday- The Most miserable day.. :/ maybe the 2nd or 3rd... We didn't win any award for footdrill com.. Haiz..Anywae to Zhi Yong, Zheng Liang, Regine, Yong Xin, Xiao Nic, Angeline, Gek Min and Fiona.. U did ya best.. Dun feel to Bad 'bout it.. Cheer up k? :) We'll Win one day..

Sunday- This morning i forgotten that I had to play for Worship.. Ahh.. So I went to Church LATE as usual.. The Children ar.. Dun want to say ar.. 1st service are the children aka steriods abusers.. 2nd service Children aka Stoners :/ If ya noe wat i mean :) Later went out wif my friends to play Lan.. Then tuition..then now.. gotta do hw.. :) k la.. CYAZ!! SmileZ!!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Heyyah!! Got a cute little Bunny in Maple :P .. Hehz.. Level 6 le.. lolz.. Going to level 30 soon..!! :P ..This morning.. Chem Remedial was soooo boring.. hahaz.. KANaKaMAZIT..lolz..Forgotten what it means already.. hehz.. then later went to Friends house for lunch..hehz..Gerald, Lejon, Samuel, Jin Hao, Paul Hong, Charisse, Anyi, Zach, Violet, Aunty Phui Fan, Violet, Christine were there 2.. PIZZA AND KFC!!!! First time there were leftovers :/ hehz.. Afterwards had biblestudy on Mormons..We have learnt on Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Mormonism le... Totally Different story..:/ hehz.. Anywae Samuel... have a safe and enjoyable trip to NS!! We'll miss u lotz... :) .. K le.. Cyaz Peeps..GTG.. Gd nitez.. Smilez :)

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hi Peeps..So long havent post..Haiz.. Last Night Talentime ROX!! Thankew Kai Xiang, Hartanto, Shirley, Jin Hao for supporting our band.. WOOHOO!! GOT 3rd Place :P Lolz.. Lejon's guitaring was so COOL!! so does Justin's singing and Paul's playing on the piano...hahaz.. Jinhao helping to flip the scores.. Gd job.. Hehz.. Couldnt have done it too wifout my drumming..lolz..JK..self praise is no praise..haha..Before our band performance..me and paul went to play pool..Our 1st game we won Yelay and Shawn Kwan..Nice sia..then 2nd game we played against jun yuan and wai jif(aka tyco king)..DAM TYCO SIA...Lost badly... Then 3rd game we played against yelay and Sk again...LOST AGAIN..arghh.. Dam sad sia.. Afterwards went to eat at mac.. then SK came to me and paul saying that he lost his shoe bag...zzz...He oso said got $120 inside... wah lau.. Wasted.. haiz.. Take gd care of ur stuff la.. damit.. Lolz.. Juz now played maple to level 28!! woohoo.. 2 more levels to fire mage :P ..My drumming exp. was so cool.. Now going back to piano :P.. Muz learnt more songz liaoz.. haiz.. Now gotta learnt piano myself coz my piano teacher bo liaoz.. lolz.. KKZ..gotta go for Annual General Inspection for Sjab stuff.. Heard that lots of sec3 badge not going leh..Scally im the only corporal there..sianz.. haha..KKZ>> SMILEZ!!! :P:P Have a HAPPY HOLS!!!